JOMAR Press was created in 1991 by Mark Schultz and Jody Nagel in order to promote and circulate recently composed concert music. The range of works, including many award winning compositions, varies from chamber music to choral and orchestral music. The catalogue of JOMAR press also includes a variety of electro-acoustic works for solo instruments and computer-generated tape. Since its conception, JOMAR Press has championed the performance of music written by American composers and its contributions to the American culture.

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Jeffrey Agrell
S. Anthony Amstutz
Paul Andrews
Ryan Beavers
Donald Chamberlain
Hugh Chandler
Wallace M. Cheatham
Andrea Clearfield
D. Ian Clerget
Jonathan Craft
Tim Crowley
Michelle Dewhirst
Dominic Dousa
John Dickson
Robert C. Ehle
Paul Ester
Neil Flory
Howard Fredrics
Kenneth Froelich
Dan Haag
David Hainsworth
Douglas Harbin
Michael Horvit
Harold Levin
Carleton Macy
Ellsworth Milburn
Garth Molyneux
Zae Munn
Jody Nagel
Ernesto Pellegrini
Anthony Plog
Kevin Purrone
Mark Schultz
Jeffrey Snedeker
Jeremy Spindler
Deanna Swoboda
Christoph Thompson
Jason Thompson
Eleanor Trawick
Shali Wang
Daniel Weymouth
Shuai Yao
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  JOMAR News:
It is with great sadness that I must report the death of my friend and Jomar Press partner, Mark William Schultz. He died on May 12, 2015, at the age of 57. He was the soul of Jomar Press, and he will be greatly missed.
Download an MP3 (4.1 Mb) of Jody Nagel's piano/vocal setting (2012) of the classical Chinese poem by Li Bai (701-762 C.E.), The Moon Over the Mountain Pass (3:24). Mei Zhong, soprano. Jim Helton, piano. March 22, 2014, Ball State University, Choral Hall, Muncie, IN. The Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI) 2014 National Conference.
Take a look at George Wolfe's newest book, The Spiritual Power of Nonviolence: Interfaith Understanding for a Future Without War, in his Author Catalog!
Congratulations to Christoph Thompson, our newest Jomar Press composer.
Check out his new page!
Andrea Clearfield and Zae Munn have several new pieces in their catalogs.
Click their names and see their new works.
Kirk Trevor conducted the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra in a performance of Jody Nagel's Jagger Dance on March 21, 2009. Great performance!
The premiere of Jody Nagel's opera, Fifty-third Street, now has its own web page. To see it click here: 53rd Street Premiere.

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by Mark Schultz
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for clarinet, horn and percussion. An excerpt from the CD "Shared Spaces" (Equilibrium EQ68). Kelly Burke, clarinet; Lynn Beck, horn; Wiley Sykes and John Beck, percussion. © 2004 by John R. Beck.
(45 seconds, 174 K.)


Author Catalogs:
George Wolfe
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