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  Opera Orchestral Concert Band
  Chorus & Orchestra Large Ensembles Small Mixed Ensembles
  Small String/Pno. Ens. Small Wind/Brass Ens. 1 Wind/Brass & Piano
  Piano Music Unaccompanied Solo Instrument + Electronics
  Electronic Tape Solo Organ Choral Music
  Vocal + Piano Vocal + Guitar Vocal + Instrument(s)
  Title Year Instrumentation Description Price
new Bitter Suite 2011 Tuba, Piano I. Allegro non troppo (The Regions of "E");
II. Presto (Three "Squares," Choose Two);
III. Andante ("Octatonia Secunda");
IV. Allegro (Very Neighborly),
for Tracy Luna.
17 minutes, 4 movements.
  Aphrodite Rising 2002 Tenor Saxophone, Piano (for Adam Ardner)
7 minutes, 1 movement.
  Gorgons 2001 Trombone, Piano (for John and Liz Seidel) 1. Stheno ('strength') Maestoso - Moderato - Maestoso; 2. Medusa ('ruler' or 'queen') Aire: Adagio - Subito Allegro - Adagio; 3. Euryale ('wide-leaping') Andante - Subito Allegro
18 minutes, 3 movements.
  As You Like It 1979
rev. 1986
rev. 1999
Horn, Piano Recorded by Kent Leslie on The Glass Bead Game, Hard Cor, HC001 available from JOMAR Press at $15.00.
6 minutes, 1 movement.
  Camellias 2001 Clarinet, Piano Composed for Bruce Bullock. (1. Delicate, free; 2. Playful; 3. Swinging; 4. Sparkling and expressive; 5. Singing and scintillating; 6. Sentimental; 7. Luminous and Powerful.)
7 minutes, 7 movements.
  Elegy for Joy 1998 Bassoon, Piano Composed for Keith Sweger who
premiered the piece at the 1999 Conference of the International Double Reed Society
3.5 minutes, 1 movement.
  Shelob's Lair 1991 Bassoon, Piano Title from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Commissioned and premiered April 2, 1991 by University of Texas at Austin Faculty Bassoonist Carolyn Beck.
10 minutes, 1 movement.
  Aria for Oboe and Piano 1992 Oboe, Piano 6 minutes, 1 movement. $12.50
  Four Fairy Tales 1998 Clarinet, Piano The titles of these attractive pieces are: 1. Flowing, elegant and thoughtful; 2. Playful, but slightly apprehensive; 3. Graceful, charming and with childlike curiosity and wonder; 4. Massive and magical.
12 minutes, 4 movements.
  Prelude and Waltz 1981
rev. 1996
Alto Saxophone, Piano Prelude and Waltz
8 minutes, 2 movements.
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