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  Opera Orchestral Concert Band
  Chorus & Orchestra Large Ensembles Small Mixed Ensembles
  Small String/Pno. Ens. Small Wind/Brass Ens. 1 Wind/Brass & Piano
  Piano Music Unaccompanied Solo Instrument + Electronics
  Electronic Tape Solo Organ Choral Music
  Vocal + Piano Vocal + Guitar Vocal + Instrument(s)
  Title Year Instrumentation Description Price
new A Simple Piece
(Mideastern Dance)
2005 Guitar (for Keith Shaffer)
- 5 minutes, 1 movement.
  Little "King Arthur" Suite 2002 Guitar (for Keith Shaffer)
(1. Excaliber. Maestoso; 2. Arthur. Majestic; 3. Guinevere. Tenderly, but slightly troubled; 4. Sir Kay. With honor; 5. Sir Gaiwan and the Green Knight. With noblest sentiment; 6. Merlin. Mysterious; 7. Sir Galahad. With joyful confidence; 8. Sir Launcelot. With temptation competing with pride; 9. Sir Percivale. With reverence; 10. Sir Bedivere. With infinite sadness; 11. Mordred. With dread; 12. The Isle of Avalon. Ethereal.) Click to read program notes for Little "King Arthur" Suite.
- 27 minutes, 12 movements.
  Have-Nots 2002 Violin,
(for Sherry Kloss)
3.5 minutes, 1 movement.
  Vortex 1993 Viola 1. its Density; 2. its Surface; 3. its Volume; 4. its Velocity.
6 minutes, 4 movements.
  The Gifts of Galadriel
 (2nd version)
1991 (arr. 1999) Flute
(A version for Flute and Percussion is also available)
Title from J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings." Originally for Flute and percussion. 1. The Sheath of Aragorn's Sword; 2. for Elessar, the Elfstone of the House of Elendil; 3. Boromir's Belt of Gold; 4. The Bow of Legolas; 5. Earth from Lothlorien; 6. Three Golden Hairs for Gimli; 7. The Crystal Phial of Eärendil's Starlight.
20 minutes, 7 movements.
  Theme and Variations 1999 Unaccompanied Horn in F a 12-movement suite. (Theme, Maestoso; Var. 1 : Poco meno mosso; Var. 2 : PiŁ mosso, alla marcia; Var. 3 : Presto; Var. 4 : LŐndler; Var. 5 : Slowly; Var. 6 :╩Fleeting; Var. 7 : Carelessly; Var. 8 : Grandioso; Var. 9 : Slow gigue; Var. 10 : Sharply percussive; Finale.)
10 minutes, 12 movements.
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