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Endorsements for George Wolfe's new book,
The Spiritual Power of Nonviolence: Interfaith Understanding for a Future Without War.

If you could imagine the enjoyment of sitting down with a widely read person who has an amazing ability to make connections among disparate thinkers, someone with a clear and strong conviction about violence, then you are in for a treat. In a world that quickly ratchets up hostilities and hastily entertains wars and suicide strategies for success, his book presents an important option for the reader.
The Rt. Rev. William E. Swing
Episcopal Bishop of California (retired)
President, United Religions Initiative
An excellent introduction to spiritually based principled nonviolence. Prof. Wolfe's blend of different wisdom traditions is especially useful.
Dr. Michael Nagler, Professor Emeritus
University of California at Berkeley, author of
The Search for a Nonviolent Future
George Wolfe has put the blame for proliferating violence in the world where it belongs, on the crass interpretation of religion. A thought-provoking book.
Arun Gandhi, President,
Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
Truly an enlightening book. George Wolfe helps us appreciate different historical, religious, spiritual and cultural views which, when woven together, provide a deeper understanding of the roots of violence and nonviolence. He puts us in touch with the most urgent basis for sustainability and the nonviolent resolution of human conflicts.
Judy O'Bannon
Former First Lady of Indiana
Professor Wolfe has written an interfaith manifesto of peace if I ever read one. Sheer inspired genius. His book should be required reading for all the citizens of the world!
Rabbi Rev. Dr. Raine Teller
Hashem's House, Austin, Texas
Professor Wolfe of the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at Ball State University has argued his case very effectively, carrying us through seven well-written chapters, each imbued with proof material and also spiritual conviction.
Swami Harshananda, President
Ramakrishna Math, Bangalore, India
Physical war is never "holy." George Wolfe delivers a thought-provoking call for all people of faith to search and study their scriptures, seeking to extract the higher meaning in the application of God's Word, as each of us continues the struggle for peace, justice and that which is righteous.
Imam Michael "Mikal" Saahir
Nur-Allah Islamic Center
Indianapolis, Indiana
It is high time to end this era of militarism and bring peace to our world through our wisdom mind. Applying the strategies for peace mentioned by Professor Wolfe in this book will definitely help. I truly appreciate his peace work!
Geshe Jinpa Sonam, Spiritual Director,
Indiana Buddhist Center
Professor Wolfe has delved deep into the scriptures of the world religions to get support for his thesis that war is an evil which solves no problems, and peace and nonviolence are needed for the survival and progress of humanity.
N. Krishnaswamy, President
Swami Vivekananda Education Society
Bangalore, India
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