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Spiritual Power of Non Violence The Spiritual Power of Nonviolence: Interfaith Understanding for a Future Without War
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2010 Religion and violence - the two concepts seem incompatible given the emphasis in religion on virtue, love, forgiveness and compassion. Yet many scriptures contain martial images and stories of god-inspired military conquest. The Spiritual Power of Nonviolence confronts this theological contradiction, arguing that martial images and symbols found in religious texts are often meant to be interpreted as metaphors for an inner spiritual struggle and should never be used as a justification for war. The analysis is undertaken from an interfaith perspective that explains many of the paradoxical concepts found in theories of nonviolence. An appeal is also made to restore civil discourse in the public arena, and for politicians and religious leaders to refrain from using religious language when engaging in hawkish political rhetoric.
George Wolfe is an interdisciplinary scholar who presents a compelling case for the sustainability paradigm and for offering peace education and interreligious dialogue on a global scale. Professor Wolfe probes the scriptures of the world proving that nonviolence is a shared virtue and that the real enemy we must battle against and ultimately defeat is actually within us.

188 pages, Hard cover or Paperback.
Hard cover, $29.99
Paperback, $19.99
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Author :
George Wolfe
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